Resources on Fasting

These resources are provided to help you learn more about fasting so that you can begin practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting both during this fast and during the remainder of the year when you decide to fast on your own.


Fasting is the practice of abstaining from something for a spiritual purpose.

Fasting, by definition, is abstaining from something for a spiritual purpose.  It is different from dieting in that the goal is to re-focus and re-align your heart and attention toward God.  According to Matthew 6, Jesus says that fasting - like prayer and giving - grows your relationship with God.  If practiced with humility, fasting will increase your sensitivity to God's voice and allow you to connect more deeply with God's work within and around you. 

Experiencing hunger while fasting is normal; take any signs of hunger as a cue to turn your heart toward God in prayer.  A good way to practice fasting is to pray and read during the times you usually eat or engage with media.  A Prayer & Reading Guide has been provided as your personal companion for the journey.

Audio Teaching on Fasting

This is a clear, fun, and practical teaching on fasting.  Listen, enjoy, and grow!

Pastor Gareth shared a teaching series on discovering God’s will that included an entire message on the power of fasting. The message in that series is called “Sensitivity Training.” Follow the link to listen!

Books on Fasting

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough
By Elmer L. Towns