Gracious Parenting: Re-Imagining our View of Discipline

Exclusive Free webinar for Ecclesia Network Churches, featuring Meredith Dancause

What if disciplining isn't just OK, it's God's method for discipling kids—and parents, too!

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • How to stop neglecting discipline and provide the gracious boundaries your child needs.
  • What it means to treat parenting as discipleship.
  • How parenting can help you to hear God's voice in your life, too. 


Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors a person can undertake. Parents play a key role in how children understand themselves, others, the world around them, and God. 

Additionally parenting provides a window for adults to see how they have been shaped and their own assumptions about themselves, others, the world, and God. In short, parenting can be something that enriches our lives; opening our eyes to new ways of seeing ourselves and God, yet at the same time it can be a breeding ground for shame, disappointment, frustration, and confusion. 

This webinar is meant to be a space where these negative voices lose their power to control the parent/child relationship, while being a catalyst for adults to see that their experience as a parent is a fertile soil in which to hear the voice of God in their own life.